We are inspired by the incredible capability and beauty of hair and the dynamic fashion industry that surrounds us. We are committed and dedicated to making men and women the most beautiful in Sydney.

Salon TWOSIXSIX prides itself on being an attentive, playful sanctuary for all your hair needs. At Salon TWOSIXSIX we understand that each and every client has their own needs and expectations when it comes to their hair and we aim to satisfy. We don’t just offer a haircut – we offer a holistic experience of highly trained, highly decorated and innovative stylists along with second to none customer service. We strive to provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere on a personalised level, so you feel absolutely pampered from the minute you walk in, to the moment you walk out. Choose from our impressive beverages menu of beautiful wines, champagne, beer, infused tea and freshly roasted coffee to name just a few.

With astonishing award winning experience in the industry and trained by the world’s top artists, our highly skilled, progressive stylists and specialists stay on top of the current trends and what’s hot right now to constantly meet demands and personal tastes, whilst striving to make your ideas a phenomenal reality.

The TWOSIXSIX Team exemplifies and passes on an aesthetic touch that is difficult to find in this city. The warm sensitivity and attention to detail along with the friendly and relaxed atmosphere puts Salon TWOSIXSIX ahead of the pack.

Salon TWOSIXSIX is open 7 days a week, until late evenings on select days in order to be as flexible as possible for our diverse clientele. Come in and see for yourself, experience it the Salon TWOSIXSIX way.

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